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Latin Grammy’s? Really? by Frank Mills Miranda

Tweet   I love my Latin Brothers and Sisters from around the globe and am deeply saddened when I hear of yet another plight effecting my beautiful people. As for the Latin Grammy’s I being Chicano (Mexican/American) was very excited about another award ceremony done on our name. However, when I quickly noticed the program […]

Cruisin’ Is Not A Crime Program on the Que Onda Show Tonight With Robert Rodriguez & Jose Cortez

Tweet   Tune in TONIGHT to our special #Lowrider show raising awareness to CRUISIN’ IS NOT A CRIME! Click here to tune in>>> Show airs at 7pm (Pacific Time), 8 pm (Arizona or Mountain Time), 9 pm (Central Time). Our first guest is Robert Rodriguez who is the President of the Arizona Cruisers Association […]

All Chicano Political Radio Show Featuring Former Sec of Energy Federico Pena & Rep. Joe Salazar!

Tweet     Tune in Thursday night at 7pm (Pacific Time) 8 pm (Mountain Time) to listen in on what former Sec. of Energy Federico Pena (Clinton Administration) has to say about the Chicano and Latino get out the vote initiatives to combat anti-immigrant politicians, his views on (D) Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton taking a […]

Servicios De La Raza: Stand Against Anti-Immigrant Politicians

Tweet   Join Servicios, 60+ local & national non-profits, and top Latino & Immigration leaders from across the country at this massive rally against anti-immigrant politicians outside of the GOP Debate! NEXT WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2015 GATES OPEN // 4PM RALLY STARTS // 5PM FARRAND FIELD // CU BOULDER CAMPUS Please Share & RSVP Today! […]

Radio Show Program With Legendary Chicano Artist Ignacio Gomez, Attorney Humberto Guizar, Artist Adam Sandoval, Musician Jesse Murphy

Tweet   TUNE IN tonight Thursday eve at 7 pm Pacific Time! Click here to tune in>>> Our 1st guest on the Que Onda show will be Ignacio Gomez who is a legendary Chicano artist, muralist, sculptor and designer. He is known for painting Edward James Olmos as a pachuco for the Zoot Suit […]

Cruise To The Arizona Capitol September 11, 2015

Tweet BRING OUT THEM LOWRIDERS, CUSTOM HOTRODS ECT….LETS SHOW THEM THAT WERE ALL EQUAL AND UNITED!!! There will be a peaceful/March and CRUZIN to the Capitol on Sept. 11th , to Let our government know that the Chicano/a & Latino/Latina community are not what Trump has portrayed us to be. We are also cruising to […]

Immigrants Don’t Drain Welfare. They Fund It.

Tweet By Laura Reston Republican presidential candidates who want to deport undocumented immigrants en masse, end birthright citizenship, and build a wall along the Mexican border just got some new ammunition. A report released Wednesday by the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization that advocates for reducing immigration to the United States, has concluded that […]

Banking History Calls Into Question Donald Trump’s $10B Net Worth Claim

Tweet John Tamny , Forbes Staff While there’s a lot to criticize Donald Trump the politician about, his business exploits are something to behold. That is so because as George Gilder frequently reminds us, it’s the proverbial “leap” that produces the crucial information necessary to power any economy forward. Over the decades Trump has taken […]

Pulitzer Prize Reporter Exposes Trump’s Lack of Wealth, Mob Ties, Failure to Support Charity, and Much More

Tweet   Most progressives and liberals have long suspected Donald Trump is a fraud. Thanks to an investigative reporter who has been dogging the Trumpster for over a quarter of a century, there is documentation of his numerous fraudulent acts and behaviors. In addition, there are a number of questions that the media should be […]

Que Onda Show Highlights TATUaje event hosted by Danny Trejo, Maximo Anguiano, Sergio Guerrero, Texas Music Museum, and XIXA (formerly Chicha Dust)!

Tweet   TUNE IN tonight Thursday eve at 7 pm Pacific Time for some key #Chicano-led events in California, Texas and Arizona (also known as the Aztlan U.S.A). Click here to tune in>>> Our 1st guest on the Que Onda show will be Antonio Pelayo. Have you noticed how some in the art community […]