Entries for April, 2015

Veteranos: A Legacy of Valor — Enrique Castillo (Weeds, Blood In Blood Out, Mi Familia) Honors Veteranos In Theatrical Tribute Memorial Day 2015

Tweet To attend this important event or to reserve your seat(s) click here.   Veteranos: A Legacy of Valor Email Share Tweet Event Details  2 Performances:  Matinee at 4:30 & Evening at 7:30PM  An Imagen award-winning play and audience favorite!     Veteranos: A Legacy of Valor a special theatrical tribute written & directed by actor/writer Enrique Castillo (Weeds, […]

Is Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush “Down With The Brown” — Push Come To Shove?

Tweet Alex Ruiz, a/k/a David Alejandro Ruiz has been getting the Texas runaround with regard to land his family owns.  This is not your ordinary land grant issue …. nay, this story has to do with the Cisnero family who has possession of the land title deed. Ruiz reached out to George P. Bush who […]

Superintendent Rami Muth Spends Resources On Pricey Law Firm Rather Than A/C For Kids and FOIA Request

Tweet Superintendent Rami Muth   We have been keeping our readers informed with regard to North California Schools Showing Ugly Discriminatory Pattern: Denise Elsken’s No A/C Idea Is Likened to Superintendent Joe Jaconette Denying Free Lunch to Brown Little Girl. To date, we still have not received an apology from Martinez Unified School District (MUSD) […]

FreeEvent: Keep Austin, Texas, Well On May 2nd, 2015!

Tweet Gratis!  Free event for the community in Austin City, Texas. The event offers over 50 holistic and medical networks in attendance. The information is aimed to Keep Austinites Well from childhood to senior age. There will be yoga, dance, cooking demo, medical testing and tons of non-profits to get people connected to health, wellness […]

Bulk of Chicano / Latino Population Critical Of Sen. Rubio’s Run For Presidency

Tweet   The majority of the Hispanic / Latino population pie in the United States are those of Mexican descent.  Mexican American Chicanos for the most part heavily populate the southwestern part of our Nation.  Now that Florida’s Cuban American Senator via Sen. Marco Rubio is running for President, we believe it is time to […]

Zarco Guerrero Chicano Sculptor, MaskMaker & Performance Artist Displaying Art In Phoenix, Arizona Thru May 8 at Francesca’s Art Gallery

Tweet (Above) Zarco Guerrero.  El Profeta is the name of this mask. Currently in exhibition at Francesca’s Art Gallery.   Now you can see some of Zarco’s work never seen before at Francesca’s Art Gallery thru May 8, 2015.  Click Francesca’s Art Gallery located at 4745 N Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, to learn more about […]

A Tribute To The gods of Metal In Phoenix, Arizona

Tweet THIS IS A MUST SEE EVENT!! JUDAS PRIEST, DIO AND OZZY TRIBUTE’S that you have to see and hear to believe! The last show with Long Live Dio & Desert Plains – The Judas Priest Tribute Band was a full house. So get there early! -EVENT SCHEDULE- 8:30PM – LONG LIVE DIO 10:00PM – […]

North California Schools Show Ugly Discriminatory Pattern: Denise Elsken’s No AC Idea Likened to Superintendent Joe Jaconette Denying Free Lunch to Little Girl

Tweet Chicanos are drawing attention to Denise Elsken — a heartless woman out of the Martinez School District that should NOT be a school board member. In fact, we are going to demand she resign forthwith for her derogatory and offensive views towards brown kids vs. her views for the affluent.  Essentially Elsken believes La […]

Protest at Apostolic Church SW Training Should Shine Spotlight on Arizona Rep. Steve Montenegro’s Hypocrisy As Pastor

Tweet Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday (on which the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is commemorated in the Christian Church) and it is traditionally a day of fasting and penance for Christians. However, the Apostolic Church seems to continue to turn a blind eye to one of their own pastoral leaders within their […]