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Arizona Rep.-elect Jay Lawrence Puts Super Bowl Super Bowl XLIX In Jeopardy For Submitting Anti-DREAM Bill

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 31, 2014 – New Year’s Eve       Arizonans To Protest Super Bowl XLIX If Jay Lawrence Submits anti-DREAM Bill     Phoenix, AZ — Arizona is infamous for not supporting the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. It is also a state where former Arizona Governor Evan Mecham publicly […]

Homebound — Promoting Movies Starring Chicanos / Latinos Must Begin With Us

Tweet Enrique Castillo (Blood In Blood Out, Weeds, Zoot Suit) Photo Credit:  Homebound Another Reason To Revive The Chicano Movement By DeeDee Garcia Blase Homebound is a new independent movie that received numerous awards west of the Mississippi River. It is the story of Richard Lynn, a successful young man who returns to his small […]

“I LIKE YOUR CHRIST, BUT…” by Sal Baldenegro

Tweet I like your Christ, but… By: Sal Baldenegro Keep Christmas out of the stores? How things change. When I was growing up, religious folks railed against the commercialization of Christmas. They believed and taught that publicly, Christmas was to be celebrated in churches and that personally, the faithful carried Christmas in their hearts, not in […]

Chicanos To Phoenix City Manager Ed Zuercher: Bring Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia Back and Hire More Chicanos / Latinos Representative of Phoenix Demographics

Tweet Posted by Somos Independents FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 19, 2014       Mexican Americans To Phoenix City Manager:  Bring Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia Back and Hire More Chicanos / Latinos Representative of Phoenix Demographics Phoenix, AZ — There are approximately 20+ director positions within the City of Phoenix but only 2 Latinos […]

Arizona Senator John McCain’s Legacy: Stealing Native American Land and Giving It Away

Tweet Posted by Somos Independents Honor the treaties, Senator John McCain.  Haven’t you read history with regard to the genocide of our Native American brothers and sisters with regard to manifest destiny when white settlers moved westward and stole their lands after killing them?  Haven’t Native Americans and the indigenous gone through enough already? The land […]

Excessive Police Force / Wrongful Death Remembered Christmas 2014

Tweet Cartoonist Sergio Hernandez:  

Arizona’s Sen. Katie Hobbs Should Not Make Statements / Promises She Cannot Keep

Tweet Posted by Somos Independents     What could take so long for Arizona Democrats to sign off on a letter stating they do not support a recall against one of their own colleagues?  It is no wonder the Democratic voting bloc is in “last” place here in our State of Arizona with independent registered […]

Social Justice For Rumain Brisbon Letter To Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garza

Tweet   December 9, 2014   City of Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia 620 W Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85003 (602) 262-7626 Subject: Arizona Law Enforcement Excessive Force Concerns / Homicide  Dear Police Chief Garcia: I began the facebook event in support of Justice for Rumain Brisbon with regard to the rally held at Space Park in downtown […]

Arizona Community Reaction to Death Of Rumain Brisbon Shot By Phoenix PD

Tweet Arizona Community Reaction to Death Of Rumain Brisbon Shot By Phoenix PD By DeeDee Garcia Blase   At the request of Civil Rights Leader Rev. Jarrett Maupin, I began a Rally For Rumain Brisbon Event on Facebook.  The rally is for tonight at 8:00 pm for Rumain Brisbon at Downtown Phoenix Civic Space Park […]

Farmer Making Hasty Get Away Stealing Alfalfa Bales From Rosebud Sioux Tribe Spirit Camp?

Tweet View south over the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Spirit Camp where hay bales of the south wall were stolen. The sweat lodge in the upper right along the road had all of the hay bales surrounding it stolen.  Photo by Gary Dorr   Unbelievable! We are raising awareness to this farmer in a semi-truck allegedly […]