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Chicano / Latino Get Out The Vote Every Friday At University of New Mexico Til Election Day

Tweet Posted by Somos Independents on September 30, 2014   Last Friday’s Chicano / Latino Get Out The Vote at UNM was so successful, we are doing it again every Friday on campus until election day.  We registered new voters and gave out political information with regard to an early vote rally encouraging voters to […]

Sheila E. Talks Relationships with Prince & Santana, Wants to Turn Memoir Into Movie

Tweet   Days before the release of Sheila E.’s autobiography, news spread that she was once engaged to Prince. The bigger bombshell, however, didn’t get nearly as much attention. “Pretty much, I was engaged to Carlos Santana. That was huge and no one knew about that,” said the 56-year-old drummer, who dated a married Santana […]

Time For El Paso — “El Chuco” To Turn Texas Elections Around

Tweet Posted by Somos Independents Deputy Sheriff Bartley Brown of East Los Angeles inspects the haircut of prisoner Alex “Largo” Rodriguez, who is wearing an $85.00 zoot suit June 7, 1943.   El Paso has the ability to turn around Texas statewide elections with the mere Chicano / Latino voting population. [Pay attention candidate Wendy […]

Cruise To The Polls – Lowrider Campaign Reviving the Chicano Movement

Tweet Via Somos Independents a Chicana-led independent voter group: It is a well known fact that many died for our right to vote, and we must not squander that away.  Therefore, we believe in utilizing all creative measures necessary in order to overcome voter apathy within our community. Cruise To The Polls is a national […]

Revive Con Safos Magazine! Revive the Chicano Movement!

Tweet I believe Con Safos Magazine should be revived because it embraced pride in who Chicanos are and all the positives. Here is a teaser trailer for the upcoming documentary film, “CON SAFOS: Reflections From Up On the Hill”. This trailer premiered at the dA CENTER FOR THE ARTS, honoring Filmmaker Jesus Salvador Trevino on […]

Get Out The Chicano / Latino Vote Event In Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tweet Get Out The Chicano / Latino Vote Event In Albuquerque, New Mexico Posted by Somos Independents n Somos Independents – is a woman led independent registered voter group who encourages coming of age and new  millennial voters to vote during the 2014 elections.  Recently, we were in San Diego, California, registering brand new voters, and […]