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Immigrant History Reminder From Alejandro G. Iñárrit At The Oscars

Tweet “I just pray that they can be treated with the same dignity and respect of the ones who came before and built this incredible immigration nation.” – Alejandro G. Iñárrit  

It is highly toxic to cats canada goose jacket uk especially

Tweet uk canada goose Across the countryside, there is the tale of Bean Chaol a Chot Uaine ‘s na Gruaige Buidhe (that is, “the slender woman of the green kirtle and of the yellow hair”), who can bring forth music from a simple reed that lulls anyone to sleep who hears it, regardless of how […]

In his stomach was 115 plastic cups

Tweet In New Hampshire, a new WBUR poll shows Donald Trump leading in the first primary state with 22% in the race for the Republican nomination. Ben Carson and Marco Rubio are tied for second with 11%, followed by Ted Cruz at 8%. The poll was conducted after Friday night’s terrorist violence in Paris.. Canada […]

Chicano Artist El Moises Art Work For Calendars To Be Distributed Nationwide

Tweet Chingon! Wow!  I just learned that one of my favorite Chicano artists via El Moises will have his art work in calendars and will be distributed nationwide. Too often we have seen his work get copied by Arizona artists who have no original ideas nor do they seem to develop concepts on their own.  […]

Veteran teams up with actor / stunt man Jospeph JT Campos in Clothing Line

Tweet   Addictive Pain Clothing was founded by Veterans, Designed by Veterans, and operated by Veterans via Jason Marquez and Austin Johnson.  But now they have brought on a new partner to their clothing line who is a stunt man and an actor via Joseph JT Campos. We encourage those who are in fitness or […]

SuperBowl Commercial Featuring Danny Trejo Voted No. 1

Tweet We are not surprised to hear that a Super Bowl commercial featuring Danny Trejo was voted No. 1.  Our Chicano / Latino demographic is growing at a fast rate and we like American Football Super Bowl just as much as the World Cup soccer games.  You can watch the Snickers / Danny Trejo Super […]

He alone of the 32 coaches was confused

Tweet Replica Hermes uk why some people need methadone Replica Hermes uk Hermes Replica Belt Since Election Day, Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Rick Scott replica hermes belt uk have spouted conspiracy theories, requested law enforcement investigations to harass elections officials, and filed lawsuits to cloud the vote counting process in suspicion. These are acts […]

Sergio Hernandez “We The People” Cartoon

Tweet “We The People” Cartoon by Sergio Hernandez:    

The policy change also constituted a response to the rejection

Tweet canada goose uk outlet This insanity culminated with Democrats working to ensure a future Trump presidency. WikiLeaks should be thanked by progressives, independents, conservatives, and anyone interested in learning about the rampant corruption within Clinton’s campaign, including its collusion with American media. The following Salon piece by Ben Norton describes a WikiLeaks email illustrating […]