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Why is Citizens For Better Arizona Randy Parraz Listed As An Arizona Workman’s Comp Attorney When Arizona Bar Assoc. Does Not Recognize Him?

Tweet It’s always a good idea to double check with your State Bar Association to verify an attorney’s credentials. Citizens for Better Arizona (CBA) (an operation run by the likes of Randy Parraz and Chad Snow) has come under tremendous fire recently from the Carlos Galindo show.  Outside media is unaware of the many Chicanos […]

Republican Chad Snow of Citizens For Better Arizona Called Latina A B*tch?

Tweet What is it with men who try to intimidate women for not being in agreement with their views?  Is there something in the Arizona water? We were happy to see a Leader of Stonewall Democrats Apologize For Using Sexist Remark Against Chicana / Latina Lawmaker, however, where is Republican Chad Snow’s apology for publicly […]

Ballot Stuffing Watch: Citizens For Better Arizona Litigious Nature Against A.J. LaFaro Not The First

Tweet Citizens for Better Arizona (CBA) is under fire for ballot stuffing and manipulating elections, and at the forefront of whistle blowing is National Political Radio Show Host Carlos Galindo. Carlos Galindo believes CBA, Randy Parraz, Chad Snow and Paul Castenada go below the belt with filing a lawsuit against A.J. LaFaro while turning around […]

Chicanos and Latinos Will Not Forget Rep. Krysten Sinema Throwing Them Under The Bus During CD9 Race

Tweet Arizona Democratic Party Dirty Halloween Trick Could Backfire on Rep. Kyrsten Sinema Running Against Wendy Rogers / Powell Gammill Posted by Somos Independents   Recently, the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP) launched a dirty trick in time for Halloween that comes with no treat for Libertarian voters.  The ADP strategy could have worked a couple […]

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Tweet Do you have a single scrap of evidence to back that up aside from the original accusation from her angry ex?some of the she had relations with were involved with reviewing her gameNope iPhone XR protective Case, none of them reviewed Depression Quest, though Nathan Grayson at Kotaku was incorrectly accused of doing so. […]

I wish there weren’t people who think that a woman walking

Tweet Release the power button just before the Apple logo appears. Hold down the shift key on your keyboard and click the Restore button in iTunes. Select the current version of firmware you are using. Hindenburg Research and the terms cheap iphone cases, logos and marks included on this report are proprietary materials. Logos and […]

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Tweet 8 ounces of linguini or spaghetti 5 8 ounces canned or cooked chick peas (garbanzo beans), rinsed and drained about 3/4 1 cup. Do not use weight on a can as guidance because that includes the water in the can. 1 small clove of garlic, minced (about 1/2 teaspoon) 1 small shallot, minced (about […]

Neil Lennon targeted because he’s ‘an Irish Catholic who played

Tweet work to mitigate climate change has improved since 2017 cheap moncler sale While The Incredibles doesn’t show it, it’s moncler outlet online reasonable to assume that a fair number of people are horribly killed in those attacks. The only major difference between the two is that Syndrome is defeated, while Ozymandias emerges victorious, albeit […]

Arizona Independent Voters Want Moderate Governor To Balance Republican-led Legislature

Tweet   Posted by Somos Independents   “…At both ends of the road, To the left and the right…”  — George Harrison   Key swing independent voters are now the largest voting bloc in Arizona surpassing Republican voters.  Arizonans have watched the current Republican Governor Jan Brewer embrace disastrous economic restrictionism and isolationism that counter […]

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Tweet Canada Goose Coats On Sale Nomiki Konst, a journalist and a Sanders delegate in 2016, said that Kos tries to have it both ways with the Sanders movement embracing it in substance, but belittling elements of it. “As a lot of other pseudo lefty groups, they want the best of both worlds, move a […]