It’s always a good idea to double check with your State Bar Association to verify an attorney’s credentials.

Citizens for Better Arizona (CBA) (an operation run by the likes of Randy Parraz and Chad Snow) has come under tremendous fire recently from the Carlos Galindo show.  Outside media is unaware of the many Chicanos and Mexican Americans who are not in support of Citizens For Better Arizona operations for their lack of transparency, in fact if you tune into the Carlos Galindo show, you will find him exposing this organization over and over and over again.

This is not the first time, CBA has been under fire.  CBA was under fire for raising money to the last day of their failed Arpaio Recall Effort even though they knew they did not have enough signatures to recall Arpaio.  It became worse when CBA then claimed they shredded the signatures for the failed Arpaio recall and would not be transparent with their operations though they consistently peddled for money.  Recall efforts cost Arizona tax payer dollars and this is touchy situation for Independent voters who are fiscally responsible and do NOT believe in operations that fail before they begin.

In addition, we believe it is disingenuous to be listed as an attorney without first passing the bar exam.  We went to the State Bar of Arizona to find out if Randy Parraz is an attorney, and the Bar does not list him as one.

Parraz is also listed as an attorney under AVVO in Arizona, but the Arizona Bar does not list him as a practicing attorney. That said, the Yellow Pages also lists “Randy Parraz for senate” under the workman’s comp lawyer section tying the address to Carpio and Snow. Parraz is a public figure. It’s high time he get transparent the same way we expect out of every other official. Particularly when dark money operations is involved!

Therefore, why is Parraz being listed as one here and here?

 photo randyparrazavvo.jpg

 photo randyparrazatty.jpg

(Image from Frank Mills Miranda FB wall)