Entries for October 16th, 2014

The PIF [Public Investment Fund]

Tweet canada goose outlet in usa Well, you know, retired to do what? I doing what I want to do. So why would I want to retire from it? August, he revisited his career with a tribute in Beverly Hills called Lee: Extraordinary. Ruffalo, Aisha Tyler, Lou Ferrigno, RZA and comics creator Todd McFarlane were […]

” These sales people will even get a new title

Tweet replica handbags online A period of especially accelerated change occurred during the Middle Jurassic as the supercontinent Pangaea began to break apart into the continents we know today. Dry, desert like inland zones gave way to large flooded areas, temperate regions and tropical forests. Animals, plants and other living organisms either died out or […]

A man feeding bears at a wildlife park in China accidentally

Tweet aaa replica designer handbags It will then no longer “roll underneath” the side of bike that is tipped out of balance this video explains this very neatly.An easy experiment is to try and lock the front wheel with the breaks when on a slippery surface. That is not fun. Whereas, locking the rear wheal […]

Robert Rodriguez: “Dumb advice for people to say stay home and not vote.”

Tweet Robert Rodriguez: “Dumb advice for people to say stay home and not vote.”  By DeeDee Garcia Blase I had a quick opportunity to interview Robert Rodriguez on the red carpet at the ALMA awards 2014 with regard to November 4, 2014, Election Day.  I was amazed he had already heard of some of the […]

Chicano Radio Network Interview of Eva Longoria On Importance of Latino Vote / Immigration Reform

Tweet By DeeDee Garcia Blase Unfortunately there have been DREAM Act activists who were hijacked by the Tea Party (we call these folks “Tea DREAMers” who have entertained an unAmerican idea to boycott the vote.   However, thankfully, American entertainers countered the unAmerican idea at the ALMA awards in Pasadena. Here is what the lovely […]