by Frenkie :-{> 10/24/2014 2:18 MST

CRNLive Update: (Arizona) After finally apologizing for the use of the Vile (C-word) is it a little too late?

Arizona – This issue reminds me of the disingenuous actions of public figures when they to use inappropriate language, their advisers immediately check them in to tolerance classes to somehow appear to erase the wrong, in most cases it doesn’t. When my children were young I used to tease them that a bombardment of sorrys didn’t  erase their actions and that at some point they would have to own it. To get them to understand I would in a playing fashion flick their ears while passing by, when they would complain I would tell them , “That’s OK I was gonna say sorry!” and it helped to curtail the sorrys for when it really meant something.

Earlier today Robert Rowley apologized to Catherine Miranda for the use of the (C-word) while describing an issue where he didn’t agree with her decision for an endorsement. I don’t know Robert Rowley personally so I don’t know if his apology was politically motivated or if his heart is truly engulfed with hate. Whatever the case may be I still disagree with his idea of attempting to recall Catherine Miranda based on a endorsement. Although, the CBA says they have no intentions of going along with the recall there are people within the group that have confirmed fake starts while filings are done.

Although, Arizona politics has their own way of doing business (Backwards) let’s see what else props up this year. Maybe most of the Arizona politicians will be sent to tolerance classes before it’s all over. Tolerance by definition is just dealing with it, so I think that’s wrong too, learning to genuinely respect each other is what everyone needs a little sprinkle of. Until the next jab….Frenkie :-{>