Addictive Pain Clothing was founded by Veterans, Designed by Veterans, and operated by Veterans via Jason Marquez and Austin Johnson.  But now they have brought on a new partner to their clothing line who is a stunt man and an actor via Joseph JT Campos.

We encourage those who are in fitness or are professional fighters to look at the Addictive Pain clothing line — particularly if you believe in supporting Veteran inspired businesses like I do.

Here is a little bit of their bio’s below:

Via Jason Marquez …

My name is Jason Marquez and I am the owner and original founder of Addictive Pain Fitness and Addictive Pain Clothing. I served in the Army along side Austin and now we are on to our next mission. We are a Veteran owned and operated company and take alot of pride in what we do and I hope that we can share our passion with everyone. I hope that you enjoy our product and always bring the PAIN!


Jason Marquez / Photo credit:  Addictive Pain


Via Joseph JT Campos …

“My name is Joseph Thomas Campos also known as JT.  I was Born in Illinois, raised in the gritty world of the Valley of South Texas…I was molded throughout my young life by the need to survive in an unforgiving environment.  The phrase “Addictive Pain” really brings me back to when I lost my father in a hot water heater accident at just the age of 10, a boy needs his father. I had one in my mother and she did the best she could  raising my brothers and I, she knew what it was to have an addictive pain…I know about sadness and I know how it is to be hurt. I know of all the worst nightmares. I know so many painful things and I don’t even know why, but what I know now is that it keeps me alive. Because those storms in my life made me the person I am today. I’m a fighter, I always was, and life is not an easy class. You have to be broken to wake up the power inside that will keep your head up in the worst times. You have to believe and take a deep breath but also remain confident and positive.”


Jospeph JT Campos