Arizona Community Reaction to Death Of Rumain Brisbon Shot By Phoenix PD

By DeeDee Garcia Blase


At the request of Civil Rights Leader Rev. Jarrett Maupin, I began a Rally For Rumain Brisbon Event on Facebook.  The rally is for tonight at 8:00 pm for Rumain Brisbon at Downtown Phoenix Civic Space Park in downtown Phoenix (park with the big net). Reverend Jarrett Maupin Jr. will be speaking with the support of the #BlackBrownCoalition.   It appears so far 250 people are scheduled to appear at Civic Space Park in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The event is going viral on social media and we expect a good turnout at this event where we will follow up by passing out flyers for a POST rally event to be held next Monday.

I believe in due process — not having rogue Judge Dredd law enforcement officers acting as the law, the judge and executioner towards unarmed men and women.  I stand in solidarity with the hurting black community because as a brown woman, we have cried our share of tears when Sheriff Joe Arpaio was essentially responsible for the death of U.S. military Latino veteran Ernest “Marty” Atencio and other mysterious deaths.

Below is feedback we are seeing on social media, and I want to highlight one in particularly where a man of God has cancelled his bible study (see below image) in order to attend and help minister to the hurting.  Thank you Randy Hill, for your support.  We stand in solidarity in the name of justice and fair due process under the United States Constitution.


Photo: Man of God cancels bible study to attend #RumainBrisbon rally tonight


Other comments below:

Please share far and wide Rumain Brisbon was killed in phx last night.


Gary Dorr shared DeeDee Blase‘s event wrote:

Hope some of my Haskell and NDN friendlatives can make it out in Phoenix to help support.

James W Powers shared DeeDee Blase‘s event wrote:

Those of my friends not living in Phoenix, who are tired of this madness please join me in a moment of prayer or silence. It is not about the victim and his behavior but the culture of violence lack of accountability and the seeming unspoken approval by the State, Local and National leaders that killing citizens is OK with the police as Judge and Jury. It has become too rampant.


My heart go’s out to the family the mother who it is harder for her because it her baby, and know how it feels to lose a son and feel your pain . There are no word one can say to make it better or bring him back , but trust in God that justice will happen for your son and the family. Are prayer are with you and family and we know how it feels to lose a son, brother,nephew ,and Dad 1995,2005,2007, and 2010 we lost family and 2010 I had a gun put to my head seen my brother shot in head are mother feet’s away seen this happen well told to go back to Mexico or die. We feel your pain and lost of a good life and God help you in this time of sadness my sister amen. The Varela Family

Tonight respost and reshare!!!!!!! Arizona we will march and rally for Rumain!!!! ‪#‎justice4rumain‬ ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬

Smh rip I had that pleasure of knowing this young man his infectious zeal for life to bring joy to others and help others will be missed he was a good dad husband and son never forgotten always in hearts r.i.p Rumain!


. This could have easily been one of us and we have to start standing for something you need to come out and you need to support this situation this could have been any one of us my son is been in jail he is 15 years old and he’s been locked up since July they dont give a f***. Anybody that’s knows God knows that he knows what he is doing and who he is using and where the punishment will come from for these sins.


Police dept across the world have so many cops that have prejudice tendencies inside them and we never know when those feelings are going to come out when they encounter black men it’s like it’s open season on us and we need to do something now not later .


JUSTICE FOR RUMAIN!!! Please come out!

Come out and support ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ ‪#‎justiceforRumain‬

Come out.

StandTogether for whats Right!!