What could take so long for Arizona Democrats to sign off on a letter stating they do not support a recall against one of their own colleagues? 

It is no wonder the Democratic voting bloc is in “last” place here in our State of Arizona with independent registered voters surpassing the Republican voting block in 2013 putting the Democrats in 3rd place.  I believe the Democratic voting bloc is in 3rd place because of poor leadership.  The Arizona Democratic Party should learn from the “unified front” strategy their counterpart has been successful with.   We saw with horror how Democrats distanced themselves from President Obama during the 2014 elections, and if they don’t have any faith in their own Party leadership then how do they expect key swing independent voters to put trust in them?

Arizona tax payers are tired of seeing our taxes being wasted on frivolous recall(s).  Don’t get me wrong, I support doable and just recalls on discriminatory lawmakers as was the case when several walks of life and a broad coalition effort recalled former Arizona Sen. Russell Pearce.  It took Jerry Lewis, a moderate Mormon lawmaker of Mesa, Arizona, to oust the more extreme one even though the moderate Mormon hypocritically ended up supporting Mitt Romney for President in 2012 who held similar immigrant self deportation views Pearce held.

That said, I never supported ideas circulating in Arizona for a recall against Arizona lawmaker Catherine Miranda.  I do not agree with all of her political views, however, her political views are not so extreme to me that it should warrant wasting tax payer dollars on a recall.

Arizona’s (D) Sen. Katie Hobbs told members of the Chicano/Latino community and caucus that she would facilitate a letter acknowledging they would not support a recall against (D) Rep. Catherine Miranda.  Hobbs assured the caucus a letter signed by all  — but to no avail.  Make no mistake, I contacted Katie Hobbs two times in writing and she has not responded to my questions. So I have no idea if she will follow through with what she told the caucus.

As a tax payer I want to ensure wasted tax payer dollars will not be spent on a frivolous recall against a moderate politician.  We have watched non profit organizations accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars on failed recall(s) with nothing to show for, and we want to tie loose ends before the end of this year.

Hobbs is busy, organizers and activists are busy — we are all busy, however, politicians need to understand why we equate them to car salesmen, and much of it has to do with not following through with what they say to begin with.