I love my Latin Brothers and Sisters from around the globe and am deeply saddened when I hear of yet another plight effecting my beautiful people.

As for the Latin Grammy’s I being Chicano (Mexican/American) was very excited about another award ceremony done on our name. However, when I quickly noticed the program seemed to cater to the east coast labels I found myself a bit disillusioned. I feel if we are going to hang a sign to promote our Latin communities then the largest American demographic should certainly be represented which is not the case with the exclusive labels on the east coast.

Years ago when the Grammy’s decided to go Spanish only that added to my disappointment. As a Chicano (Mexican/American) I am of two cultures one American and Mexican (hence, an American from Mexican decent) Chicanos communicate in English and Spanish however, some don’t speak Spanish and some don’t speak English. This is why I don’t agree with an all-Spanish show. I think it should be in both languages so that a Chicano artist who only speaks English won’t feel disenfranchised by the politics of the show. There are countless awards for only Spanish speaking artists on Spanish language Television.

Again, I like the idea of more awards for and from our Latin world, it’s great but don’t exclude based on how proficient our communities are in language. Or just call it for what it is. A night of Sony’s Tommy Mottola and Estefan awards.

Su Amigo,

Frank M. Miranda

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