Tune in TONIGHT to our special #Lowrider show raising awareness to CRUISIN’ IS NOT A CRIME!

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Show airs at 7pm (Pacific Time), 8 pm (Arizona or Mountain Time), 9 pm (Central Time).

Our first guest is Robert Rodriguez who is the President of the Arizona Cruisers Association and discusses Chicano lowrider culture as being a way of life that we ought to preserve. This upcoming Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 5:00 p.m., Rodriguez will be rallying up with Arizona’s Sen. Catherine Miranda, Chicano advocate Jose Cortez and Chicano Radio Network with regard to doing away with Cruisin’ Being A Crime. Normally it costs a $100.00 membership fee in order to be part of the ACA, but Rodriguez is waiving it this upcoming Sunday at the Cruise to the Capitol event.

Our 2nd guest is Jose Cortez, who used to be a bodyguard for Cesar Chavez in the State of Arizona. Cortez is an OG Chicano advocate and takes us back to the Chicano movement of the 60s and 70s and his role back in the day to serving 20 years with Chicano Por La Causa (CPLC). Cortez is also a Sundancer and is participating in a 7 month long marathon-type of run in May 2016 where he will meet other indigenous runners in Central America.

Last but not least, we raise awareness to Deported Veterans Support House page via Hector Barajas‘ operation and mission in helping deported veterans from all over the world. This week we bring on Andrew De Leon who is a Vietnam Veteran who served the US ARMY with an honorable discharge. He was deported to Mexico 5 years ago and shares a message and love with his loved ones across the radio airwaves via the Chicano Radio Network U.S.A.