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Our 1st guest on the Que Onda show will be Ignacio Gomez who is a legendary Chicano artist, muralist, sculptor and designer. He is known for painting Edward James Olmos as a pachuco for the Zoot Suit play. Currently the Zoot Suit image designed and painted by Ignacio is in the collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and it is traveling on tour. In 2004, Ignacio designed, sculpted and painted the César E. Chavez Memorial for the City of San Fernando. Located on 23,000 square feet of land. This Memorial consists of a six foot tall bronze statue of César Chávez, a fountain in the shape of the UFW Eagle, 10 metal silhouette figures representing the March to Sacramento in 1968, and 100 foot long mural of César’s life.  He also designed an 8’ x12’ headstone for César E. Chávez, in La Paz, California.   Ignacio was born and raised in East Los Angeles, California.  His father was an immigrant from Piedras Negras, Mexico and his mother from Zacatecas, Mexico.  A graduate of Roosevelt High School, he then studied commercial art at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.  He worked at McDonnell Douglas to save money to enter Art Center College of Design, now in Pasadena.  In 1966, Ignacio was drafted into the U.S. Army.  While in the army he painted four murals at Fort Ord, California and four at Fort Hood, Texas.  After an Honorable Discharge as a Specialist Five from the U.S. Army in 1968, he returned to Art Center.  While in school, he entered a contest in which two of his paintings were accepted and printed in the New York Times, which led to him having representation in New York.  Ignacio received his B.A. from Art Center College of Design in 1970.

Among many other art works… in 1976, he illustrated a Beatles Album for Capital Records.

Our 2nd next guest is Humberto Guizar. Humberto is a high profile lawyer specializing in police brutality cases, wrongful deaths, and excessive police force. Humberto is a successful lawyer who has won several multi-million dollar lawsuits. He is not quick to settle and performs his own trial court room work. In fact, he is one of the very few Chicanos whose case went to the Supreme Court.   I invited Humberto to be a guest because I get a lot of emails / requests from folks who want me to suggest to them a good police brutality lawyer. I wish I knew Humberto when a childhood friend of mine (Julie) lost her husband in Idaho when the Nampa Police Department put her husband’s hands in cuffs and watched him die while he was begging to breathe. In light of the recent decision made by Judge Bolton in Arizona’s US District courtroom, I am afraid the culture of police departments will escalate to an environment that allows them to operate in more of a gray slippery slope area.   Humberto Guizar is one I will refer police excessive force cases to whenever a person wants a good lawyer.

Our 3rd guest is Adam Sandoval of California. He is the founder of AZTUSA (Aztlan combined with U.S.A). He explains the mission and direction of AZTUSA as Chicanos of the next generation utilized social media as a revival and rebranding of the Chicano Movement. Aztusa is commerce-based highlighting the 7 states in our Nation that was formerly known as Aztlan. Aztlan is a spiritual mindset of our region. In the show, Adam talks about the 7 states, and he gives a shout out to Arizona’s Marie, and Texas’ Jesse and highlights their works and performances.

Last but certainly not least we end the show with a bang. Jesse Murphy “Hermosillo” is an Arizona actor and a musician. He is also a hard core lowrider advocate in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, and in our interview he tells us about the films he is in, and the song he created. The song will be played at the end of this final segment, and it is a hard hitting truth reality about the laws such as SB 1070 have had on our people. In other words, Jesse writes about how we will overcome the laws designed to make us feel bad about the way we were born.


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