Tune in TONIGHT to #Texas talent at 7pm (Pacific Time) 9pm (Texas Time)!Click here to tune in>>> http://tunein.com/station/?StationId=235787A Tragedy At Hand (ATAH) is a metal/djent band from Dallas, Tx. The name has been around since 2008 building a strong follower base with over 100,000 Twitter followers and 12,000 FaceBook fans. Since then ATAH established being an official band in November 2013. They draw out influences from bands like Slipknot, Volumes, ISSUES, and others in the metal “scene”. ATAH recently dropped their new album entitled “Good luck you’ll need it” that is available on iTunes and many other app stores. ATAH will be opening for Slipknot at KNOTFEST that begins October 23.

Night 1 – October 24:
Judas Priest, Korn, Mastodon, Trivium, At the Gates, Body Count, Red Fang, Kyng, GWAR, Born of Osiris, Earth Crisis, Kataklysm, Belphegor, and more…

Night 2 – October 25:
Slipknot, Bring Me the Horizon, Clutch, Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, Suicidal Tendencies, All That Remains, Battlecross, Beartooth, and more…

5 Stages with over 20 Major Festival Attractions and 40 Hours of Apocalyptic madness! With the addition of the biggest Japanese bands, Knotfest features the best in heavy music from around the Globe. Overall the Festival will feature over 33 globally touring artists and 18 regional bands showcasing the best artists in Heavy Music!

Our next guest is Richard Striebel who puts the spotlight on well known Chicano Artist Adan Hernandez as Adan prepares to go on a book signing book tour while traveling with his refurbished Blood In Blood Out Movie mural. Striebel is working on a documentary highlighting Adan’s #Chicanismo / Carnalismo life.

Richard a native of St. Louis, raised in Texas; has been Acting, Directing, and Producing in Austin, TX since 1998. His film trajectory includes acting credits in: Miguelito, The Break, Gone Hollywood, From Sun Up, Permiso, as well as several independent films. Richard’s Theater experience in A Ver Un Aplauso, was the first all Spanish dialogue, a sold out performance at the Paramount. His theater roles include Un Mal Dia, La Pastorela, She Flies, Romeo and Juliet.

Awarded the Telly award in 2012. Producing credits include work with Robert Rodriguez, Cohen brothers, Michael Judge and Tommy Lee Jones. Richard worked as assistant director to Al Reinhart in Unreal Dream, The Michael Morton Story and The Directors Chair with Robert
Rodriguez. Production experience encompasses media work with SXSW and ACL in Austin, TX. In television, production work encompasses networks ranging from Discovery Channel to the Food Network. Currently, Richard is Program Director for LUPE Arte Multimedia Project in Austin, TX. Presently working with LUPE Arte directing/producing two documentaries. Richard is In development phase with Hector Galan on three documentaries.

Via LUPE press release regarding tour:

“The Historic Cine El Rey Theatre Foundation, Space 16 and Latinas Unidas Por El Arte (LUPE Arte) are 501c3 nonprofit organizations that have come together to present “Los Vryosos” an art exhibition, book signing and platica with legendary Chicano artist
Hernández’ drawings and mural “Carnalismo”, first got national attention in the 1993 epic barrio cult-classic, “Blood In.…Blood Out – Bound by Honor”. His work is now featured as the first Chicano to have a painting in the Historic Metropolitan Museum in New York City. “A Chicano Fine Arts Museum and Chicano oral history preservation has been a long-time dream of Adán Hernandez” said Richard Striebel, Director for LUPE Arte Multimedia Project, Los Vryoso. Tejano native Adán Hernández, son of migrant workers, grew up in Robstown, TX until the age of nine when his family found home in the barrio of the west side of San Antonio. It is here where “Los Vryoso: A Tale from the Varrio” was created. His first book is the story of the struggle and fallout of an underserved neighborhood and its consequences of the oppression Chicanos in Tejas experienced. Hernández describes his work as evoking emotions of alienation, uncertainty, desperation and loss, which dominate the Chicano experience. Hernández says, ”the high drama and highly charged content in my work reflects the day-to-day epic struggle of life in the barrio. Here, the challenge to overcome overwhelming adversity, which we celebrate in films, is a common occurrence.” With the climate of political adversity in our own country, we think it’s a great time to bring “Chicano Art & History” to
the forefront. We think this is a good time to bring pride, honor and recognition to our people. It’s time to celebrate our heritage and to honor our roots through the arts.

Two events will take place to celebrate Chicano art & history, Cine El Rey located at 311 S 17th St, McAllen, TX 78501 will host the first unveiling of Adán Hernández’ restored mural “Carnalismo” Sunday, November15th, 2015 – 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. We will have the mural exhibit for public photos, signing Los Vryosos book and print copies of the infamous “Blood In…Blood Out” prints.  Suggested ticket donation price $10. Proceeds directly benefit the restoration and exhibition of Los Los Vryosos Tour exhibition will also be hosted at Space 16, located at 322 S 16th St, McAllen, TX  78501 Space 16 will be the first to host Los Vryosos complete exhibition. It includes Adán Hernández’ earlier art work, book & poster signing, fashion and car show. Doors open at 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 21st Suggested donation $15. Fashion show at 7:00 p.m. Rap music performance by O.D. followed by hip hop singer DOS featuring D Madness closing the event. To be able to teach your children about the history of Chicano art is a wonderful thing and this group has come together to give McAllen an opportunity to take part in helping to preserve Chicano art and history, so come out Sunday, November 15th and Saturday, November 21st, said Bert Guerra from Cine El Rey.”