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Rest In Peace Ben Saiz

Tweet If there was a Chicano Hall of Fame, Ben Saiz would be a member of it.  Ben had come from ELA to CSUN in 1969 when there was a push to recruit Chicano students. Ben was from the mean streets of ELA. However he blossomed at CSUN and became a Chicano student leader. His […]

Chicanas Blasts Ana Navarro after Obama’s #ImmigratioAction Move

Tweet What Chicanos Should Do After President Obama’s Immigration Action Move Last Night Posted by Somos Independents Last night President Obama was the quarterback that threw Chicano Mexican-Americans the football with his #ImmigrationAction move. What do Chicanos and Chicanas do now that momentum has been tossed to us?  Remember, we are the voters and so […]

Chale Brown Cartoon: Native American / Indigenous Chicano Coalition Fortified on KeystoneXL

Tweet Chale Brown Cartoon:  Native American / Indigenous Chicano Coalition Fortified on Keystone Pipeline XL agenda. By Viva Samuel Ramirez

Chicanos / Latinos Anticipate Big President Obama “Immigration” Move Within Purview of the Constitution

Tweet Gary Dorr is NezPerce who works with Lakota warriors in the Dakotas, also Veteran of our United States Armed Forces writes: We’re all in the same boat of Broken Treaties. And we’ve all been subjected to the imaginary border drawn on a map, irrespective of traditional, ceded, and un-ceded territory. There have been illegal […]

Native American & Chicano Coalition to Obama: Veto Koch / Pipeline XL After Ecologists Issue Disaster Warning

Tweet Posted by Somos Independents 1220pc on November 18, 2014 · Flag The Native American / Indigenous Chicano Mexican-American Coalition are asking President Barack Obama to veto the Keystone Pipeline XL bill that violates treaties, rapes our earth and water and negatively impacts our environment.  Native Americans and the indigenous Xicano community can no longer […]

Sergio Hernandez: Mexicans must re-kindle the spirit of struggle and take back Mexico


Ebola Chale Brown Cartoon By Viva Ramirez


Create Option C, actress Lourdes Colon’s journey with cancer

Tweet by Frank M. Miranda 11/12/2014 Create Option C my journey with Cancer, this is a touching story that effects allot of people in the world. Actress Lourdes Colon take the alternative and shares her life and story through this documentary, “Create Option C my journey with Cancer” a must see film merging conventional and […]

Chicano POW Of Nazi Slave Camp / Veteran Anthony Acevedo’s Contribution to the Holocaust Memorial Museum

Tweet Army Medic Anthony C. Acevedo recorded names in a diary of fallen comrades in a Nazi slave camp. As we end this Veteran’s Day, I want to highlight a Mexican American Chicano Veteran who  broke his silence about 6 years ago.  He was so scarred with regard to his horrific experiences in a Nazi […]

Get Ready Lowrider Owners To Cruise To The Polls Election Day 2014 To Demonstrate Chicano Uprising

Tweet Attention Lowrider Owners: This Tuesday, November 4, 2014, is Election Day.  We are giving lowriders a reason to take your lowrider on a cruise tomorrow for an important causa! When you take your ride to the voting booths, don’t forget to take a selfie in your lowrider and hashtag #ChicanoPower on Facebook and/or Twitter!  […]