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Six years ago today I was with my husband Chris at Optimum Health Institute surviving on only 5% use of one lung with cancer throughout my body. Barely breathing we looked into each other’s eyes and said “Happy Valentine’s day. I love you” We were strong for each other, We new what it was going to take to pull through this dark road we faced. With love in our heart’s and hope in our souls we pulled through, and I have been able to help many others through the same situation. One person at a time.

Many don’t have the time to wait for one person at a time schedule. So I have started my campaign to help the masses in a grander scale by getting my story out. Showing many what it takes to get to the other side. What I did and what it took. Join me in this journey to helping millions of others around the world that are battling cancer and need that extra info to pull through successfully as I did.

Help me get my documentary completed with it’s final touches and out to the audience already.

Also here is a video of my favorite juice I enjoy daily to keep healthy

My mission in life has always been to be a difference in the world. I wasn’t sure years ago how that would play out. It is more evident now than ever before that it was through my journey with cancer and what it took to get rid of it completely even with days left to live.

I continue to share my story with those who have contacted me. I know now that it is time to get the full story out for all to watch. Join me in this historical move Create Option C. http://bit.ly/2ErtC6o