Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio stands for everything that we are fighting against this election.
He endorses Donald Trump for president, and calls him his “true political soul mate;” he boasts about having his own “concentration camp,” blatantly defied orders by a district judge to order his deputies to stop the unconstitutional racial profiling of Latinxs at traffic stops and at work, and has generally made his name from incarcerating, criminalizing, humiliating, and deporting brown and immigrant communities.
And now Arpaio’s approval rating is at the lowest point of his career
(one recent poll showed that 57% of voters in his county don’t like him). Now the organizations and the people that have worked for years to expose Sheriff Arpaio’s failures and cruelty are coming together to throw that final blow as part of the Bazta Arpaio Campaign.
It will be an uphill fight. Arpaio has many allies and $10 million in campaign funds. He is running in a state with a history of embracing fear-mongering politicians and electing them to office. And many of those that could get him out of office are young people, immigrants, Latinxs, and people of color, who tend to be dismissed.
That’s why we need all the support and volunteers we can get. So that when Arpaio loses in November, it won’t just be a victory for Maricopa County, it will be a victory for the fight for immigrant rights, for the fight against incarceration and criminalization of people of color, and a show that young people, immigrants, Latinx, and people of color can come together to organize and win.
With the help of people like you, we have a real chance to get him out of office, and to have an electoral race that we can get excited about.