Science and technology, combined with the arts has a great young advocate with Juan, who got inspired on his career choice by the role the arts had depicting science discoveries in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
“I saw Leonardo da Vinci’s science drawings and the work of the cartographers, and how scientists observed and recreated with art the science of their times”, he said.
Juan is an accomplished senior at Metro Tech, where he, with a help of a fellow student, organized the first STEAM fair at his school which presented demos and activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and the Arts (STEAM). He also is a Chief Science Officer (CSO) a program initiated by Arizona SciTech Festival where students are selected by their peers to represent and advocate STEM and STEAM fields, voicing the interest and opportunities students have to interact with Science and Technology fields in their schools.
“As a Chief Science Officer (CSO) we had this new and unique opportunity to learn and explain the sciences in a better way. We have the task of advocate for STEAM, talk about the importance of innovation to students, teachers, education commissioners and governing board members,” Juan said.
His efforts promoting STEAM education and his good grades made him scholarship recipient to Colgate University in New York, where he plans to study a double mayor in computer science and art.
“STEAM really is about learning and experiencing exciting technical knowledge, he said.