On tonight’s Que Onda Show that will air on the Chicano Radio Network U.S.A., we have Ed Archie NoiseCat, Fine Artist, and Alicia Lopez who is the founder of Trucha Gear.  We will also highlight a deported veteran who was deported in 2003 via Vale Sangster who also served our military with honorable discharge.

A little bit about Ed NoiseCat from Manitou Galleries: “NoiseCat draws on the stories of his ancestors and contemporary issues pertaining to Indigenous peoples to create innovative images executed with extraordinary craftsmanship.

NoiseCat grew up in British Columbia’s remote, mountainous interior with his mother’s people, the Canim Lake Band of Shuswap Indians. He draws inspiration from his mother’s plateau culture, and from his father’s people, the Stlitlimx, closer to the coast. NoiseCat graduated from the prestigious Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, B.C., where he studied printmaking. In 1986 he moved to New York to work as a fine art lithographer at print shops including world-renowned Tyler Graphics. Ed has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 2001.  NoiseCat thrives on exploring new ground and pushing the limits of his abilities.”

Next on the show we have the Founder of Trucha Gear via Alicia Lopez. Alicia and I discuss the French Designer’s blouse from Marant’s Etoile collection that appears to be plagiarizing women living in an indigenous community in Mexico.   Isabel Marant was singled out by the community of Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec, which believes it bears striking resemblance to their traditional costume.

Trucha Gear is an Arizona based company from the brain child of Alicia Lopez. Always having a passion for fashion since she was a little girl Alicia an average 9 to 5 working Chicana decided to start her own little clothing line in hopes to achieve a lifelong dream of having a her own successful clothing line. “I take some of my own personality and style and put them into my design,” says Alicia. Trucha Gear offers a unique style. It’s a tough yet stylish line with a little attitude. Not only do we offer clothing, but various accessories as well, including hair flowers in many designs and colors as well as hair bows. People will find the apparel very eye-catching. Guaranteed to get a second look. Right now, Trucha Gear is a small company that is just starting out.

Last but certainly not least as I stay on course to leave no man behind, tonight we will highlight a deported veteran via Vale Sangster who was deported back in 2003 after he served our U.S. Armed Forces with HONORABLE DISCHARGE. He will be giving a shout out to his beautiful wife and loved ones who are still living in the states while he lives in Panama.  Special thanks to Hector Barajas of Deported Veterans Support House for staying the course on his mission to do what he can to bring those who served our Nation in the Armed Forces back to their families that are living here in our Nation.