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We begin our show with Cecilia Garcia Akers who is the daughter of “thee” Mexican American Civil Rights advocate (and healer) via Dr. Hector P. Garcia who is the founder of the American G.I. Forum. He never took “no” for an answer and fought for Mexican American / Chicanos who served in the Armed Forces when they were denied equal rights. The Longoria Affair was an issue that created a political storm with Mexican American burial rights getting the better end of the situation and after Garcia stepped in to help his widow. Cecilia is writing a book about her father and you get to hear about those special moments when she saw her father in action!

Next, actor Joseph JT Chingon Campos gives us an update on new film being worked on in Texas with regard to our heroes and charras / vaqueros. Hector Galan is working on film we all will enjoy seeing!

Upon demand by those who have always wanted to know how to write a movie script about their lives, we have award winning Israel Marquez who will explain to my listeners how he creates his scripts. What better than to learn from an award winning … up and coming independent film maker? At the end of the interview, he goes back to how Robert Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez inspired him to become a film director and maker, and he gives us an update to film he is working on with regard to Alex Ruiz.

Last but not least … it is no secret that AJ Castillo is taking Texas by storm with his Tejano #Conjunto music — particular in the club scenes. Find out why Esteban Jordan was his No. 1 influence regarding Tex Mex Accordion music! Find out why AJ Castillo has the future generation of music lovers digging Tejano music in the club scene again!

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