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We begin our show with  Liliana Patricia Solis​ who is a Tejana, Chicana Activist and U.S. Army​ Veteran who is acting in the 2nd season of From Dusk Till Dawn the Television Series that is aired on Robert Rodriguez​’s El Rey Network​. She will be in the pilot episode airing on August 25, 2015 and you will continue to see Lilian throughout the season. You will also see Liliana on HBO’s The Leftovers throughout the entire season and set to premier on October 4, 2015. [For the record you can see both season 1 of From Dusk Till Dawn Television Series, and season 1 of HBO​ The Leftovers​ on Netflix!]   Liliana also begins filming with American Crime​ later this month.

A little more about Liliana .. she is an up and coming #Texas Actress / Dancer and Model. She grew up in a small country town in Atascosa, Tx barefoot and climbing trees. She found her passion for dance when she was fortunate enough to study under the great Teresa Champion and her Dance Academy. Her passion for the art of Flamenco and the rhythm of the castanettes. Accompanied by the late great El Curro, her passion turned into a genuine love of dance. Also an athlete, she was discovered at a local mall at the age of 12 and started print modeling for a major department store. She continued to modeling through out high school while continuing her love of dance.  After high school, she balanced college life and a newly found love for the medical field. But a life changing event sent her down a different path. In 1994 she joined the US ARMY where she was a Corrections Officer and Combat Medic. But PTSD had a different plan for her. A sexual assault survivor, she overcame prescription addiction and alcoholism. Born Patricia Solis, she is a #SURVIVOR of life. And now in her “second act” of life, she is pursuing her life long dream of acting. Only 3 months in and she’s appeared in Season 2 of Robert Rodriguez​  From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series​ as well as HBO’s The Leftovers. She remains an activist for Chicano Civil Rights as well as an avid Animal Rights Activist.

Our second guest is the lovely Lourdes Colon​ who is the CEO of Starangel Film Productions​, Inc. StarAngel Film Productions is a new production company with a completed film under its banner. When Lourdes Colon and Chris La Voy​ decided to open up a production company they did so with an idea that films move, touch, and inspire the world.

Lourdes Colon​ is an actress with an impressive resume already under her belt. She knew that she wanted to make a difference for the world and she always thought that she would do this through her acting. Lourdes and Chris created SFP with this ideology at its heart.

While Create Option C The Documentary​ was the company’s first film, the company already has two more documentaries in different stages of development. Create Option C is an award winning documentary about actress Lourdes Colon’s journey with cancer to include (not limited to) receiving Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival award, Burbank International Film Festival and more.

Second Chance (a working title) is another personal documentary of Kristina Colon (Lourdes and Chris’ youngest daughter) and her rise from her own near death experience to a fully realized life. Naturally is a documentary that explores the various ways that people have cured themselves from a wide range of life threatening ailments using only natural methods to heal themselves.  StarAngel Film Productions is also working on two narrative films in early development.

Our third guest on the Que Onda Show highlights the Venezuelan beauty via Fanny Véliz​, who is an award winning Film Director of Homebound. In addition to being a filmmaker, Fanny is an actress and producer. In this show, she tells our listener how she uses TUGG as a platform in order for more people to see her movie in the theaters. Homebound features well known Chicano actor Enrique Castillo​ ( Blood In Blood Out Movie​, Weeds​, etc.) in Fanny’s movie and is depicted as a Veteran of the Armed Forces who owns his own business and is dying of cancer.   Homebound is the story of Richard Lynn, a successful young man who returns to his small hometown, El Campo, Texas. He has to help his father Gilberto who’s ill with cancer, run the family business, a dilapidated bar. Richard Lynn, accidentally falls in love for the first time with Sofia,  a Venezuelan immigrant who speaks very little English.

As Richard Lynn befriends Sofia’s son, and is reminded of the friendships and culture of his hometown, he learns more about his father’s illness, the truth about his mother’s passing and their plans for him when he inherits it all. His secret desire to burn down the bar, which he blames for his mother’s death, surfaces as he questions everything, his past, his future, and his understanding of family.

The film is heartwarming, with inspiring performances, unexpected twists and a passionate ending that will delight audiences around the world.

Last but certainly not least, we end our one hour show with Cindy Vela​, a beautiful Chicana model, saxophonist and actress. This year you can see Cindy Vela in a movie La Guapa created by filmmaker Kenneth Castillo​. La Guapa is set in a small urban Latino neighborhood in the U.S. where loyalty to family is the utmost importance. The main character, La Guapa, is forced into becoming a murderer-for-hire by her ex-husband in order to gain back custody of their 10-year-old daughter, but it’s a losing game: with every ‘hit,’ she gets closer to her goal but emotionally farther away from her daughter.

Born and raised in Brownsville, Texas, Cindy Vela is an actress, model and alto saxophonist.  Vela attended the The University of Texas at Brownsville​ and became lead saxophonist in both the top jazz and concert bands.  She participated at national and international concerts and competitions in the U.S. and Mexico and was even given the opportunity to open shows for legends Tito Puente​, Celia Cruz​ and @Jose Feliciano.

It was in college that Cindy started modeling and appearing in local commercials, yet she continued her schooling and received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. She went on to become a middle school band director and helped her students win various awards, all while teaching them the importance of education and the arts.

Vela moved to Los Angeles to continue the work she had started in entertainment. As a print model, Cindy can be seen on covers and spreads for magazines and in international print ads for major companies, some of which include Bio Ionic, Wells Fargo, O.P.I. and Kellogg’s Special K boxes. In Los Angeles, Vela met esteemed fashion designer, Ximena Valero, and it started a great collaboration between the two. Cindy was quickly asked to become a fit model and a runway model for Valero’s fashion shows and was named the “Face of Ximena Valero​ Fashion.”

As an actress, Cindy has appeared on stage, television and film. Stage works include Father of the Bride, Let the Eagle Fly and The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, the latter of which was written and produced by award winning author Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451).  Cindy worked on a pilot with directors Robert Ben Garant and Tomas Lennon of Reno 911 and she later played the title role of Desdemona in the award winning film ‘Desdemona: A Love Story’.  Cindy created controversy with an internet video called ‘Exhibit B-5’ aka ‘Girl Dies’ directed by Project Greenlight winner Kyle Rankin which had millions searching for answers to her life and identity. To help answer questions, Vela had a sit down interview for MSNBC’s Caught on Camera and Israeli’s Channel 10 TV.

This year, Cindy, can be seen in Kenneth Castillo​’s urban Latino film called ‘La Guapa’, an aspirational coming-of-age story inspired by true events called ‘Endgame’ with Rico Rodriguez and Efren Ramirez and on the comedy film ‘It’s Gawd!’ with Tommy Chong, Rebecca Stewart and Luke Perry.