On tonight’s Que Onda Show line up at 7 pm (Pacific Time) Click here to tune in>>> http://tunein.com/station/?StationId=235787 ! Marco E. López, is an accomplished lawyer and is now writing a book about the work he did with Cesar Chavez. The title of his book will be “My Walk With Cesar.”  Tonight you will hear Cesar Chavez’s lawyer put to death once and for all the rumors about Cesar Chavez and how the evil doers twisted his good works around. Marco sets the record straight. In addition, Marco continued good works and has succeeded in key lawsuits against our government with border patrol excessive police force.   Marco was born in Arizona, started school in Texas, and raised in Bakersfield, California. Received a B.A. from San José State College, a J.D. from Boalt Hall Law School (Berkeley Law). Studied public international law at the Hague World Court Academy. Upon receiving his law degree worked for one of the first ALRB members, LeRoy Chatfield. Upon leaving state employment became a volunteer attorney for the UFW in Delano and soon thereafter was made house counsel and then general counsel, by Cesar Chávez. After leaving the UFW set up his own practice doing primarily civil litigation and civil rights law. High profile cases include Navarro/Fajardo v. Los Angeles County, where after two appeals to the Ninth District Court of Appeals, new case law was made requiring police agencies to prioritize 911 domestic violence calls. Also, the case of Carrillo v. United States of America in which he represented a 12-year-old Mexican boy who was shot by a US Border Patrolman while standing on Mexican soil. That case was the first of its type where the US was found liable for excessive use of force. During the last year has co- edited a progressive, bilingual community newspaper in conservative north San Diego County (www.alianzanorthcounty.com).

In the second part of the show, you will hear about the deported veterans who were DRAFTED and died without medical VA benefits, and could not return to our nation because they were “undocumented” (even though they were drafted and served in our Nation’s Armed Forces). You will hear for yourselves from Hector Barajas Varela how deported vets are drafted for writing bad checks even though they served our Country with an “Honorable Discharge!” The most egregious thing I hate hearing is when a person is DRAFTED yet deported.

Tonight’s program is more of a serious show … and it hurts a little to the heart to hear unfortunate truths. It was hard for me to swallow and breathe when Hector (tonight’s interviewee) said his 10 year old daughter would be his strength during his moments of weepiness) because forced family separation is a hard pill to swallow – particularly when the mother of their daughter was diagnosed with MS. Typically I like to finish the program with music, but the messages in tonight’s show were too important to cut short. Find out how you can help the deported veterans tonight as I make a call to Chicano artists and anyone who can donate a van in order for Hector Barajas Varela to carry out his operations in this important mission.

I hope you enjoy listening to the Que Onda Show where I catalog Chicano heroes and / or Chicano stories. Often times, I get told by people: “Where are our Chicano heroes at?” Y todo … and well… it’s time to document and point to a location where our heroes can be found … from a wide range of Chicanos and backgrounds here in the Great Southwest (and the rest of the Nation).