“ …It’s great what Robert Rodriguez does but we need 10 or 15 Robert Rodriguez’s out there in order for us to make a dent in this [Hollywood movie] business!”  -Kenneth Castillo, Film Director



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On the Que Onda show with host DeeDee Garcia Blase we will have the comic book creator via Fernando Balderas Rodriguez who created the very first Aztec super hero in his comic book series. You heard correctly … we have our own Chicano Comic Book Hero via Aztec of the City by one of our own Mexican-American / Chicano writer via Fernando. Castillo created our hero before DC Comics developed their own “Aztec” super hero when their version eventually flopped. Therefore it is up to us, mi gente, to promote our own via Aztec of the City. It will be a matter of time before the likes of Universal Studios picks up Aztec of the City, and at least you can say … “I heard about Aztec of the City and Fernando via the Que Onda Show with DeeDee Blasé on the Chicano Radio Network!” Es la verdad because our population and our economic power is pointing things that direction. We will get there.


Next on the Que Onda Show we have the amazing film director via Kenneth Castillo who I predict will go down in Mexican-American / Chicano history as one of the greats in film making, too! (Be sure to friend Kenneth Castillo before he maxes out with 5000 friends now because I see him the way I saw Robert Rodriguez when he first came out with Desperado the Movie featuring Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Danny Trejo). Castillo  is an incredible film director where he is working on his 7th film where his stories are heart warming with superb camera angles. Here is a glimpse of Castillo work featuring Danny Trejo Danny Trejo in his COUNTERPUNCH film that you can buy via Amazon for as low as $2.99!  Counterpunch is a movie directed by Kenneth Castillo based on a true story featuring a Chicano favorite via Danny Trejo and is now available for renting or purchase through Amazon (click here).   The movie also features Steven Bauer and Alvaro Orlando and is about a young boxer, Emilio, from the wrong side of the tracks with big dreams of winning the Golden Gloves boxing championship, finds himself at a cross roads after being locked up.  I also give a special shout out to Latin Heat Entertainment’s Bel Hernandez for sharing and promoting the Counterpunch trailer on her page which is where I first learned about this movie.




And last but NOT least we have Charlie Beatle Vasquez of Brother Bones Band who will introduce some of his original Bluesy music! Charlie will also tell us what an honor it was to work with Rosie and the Originals who created a Chicano hit song via ‪#‎Angel Baby. Great line up tonight!