Tonight we highlight Arizona musicians at 7pm Pacific Time! The Que Onda show will air on the Chicano Radio Network USA. Go to tune in radio or click here to listen>>>

Join us as we speak with an OG Chicano band via Los Nawdy Dawgs and George Landa who have opened up for ZZ Top and other mainstream Rock En Espanol bands. George discusses his  music work he has helped create in tribute of Lalo Guerrero / Lalo Guerrero who has been coined as the Godfather of #Chicano Music.

Next we speak with Cesar Chavez, a Phoenix area modern day Mariachi who brings a Frank Sinatra type of flare when you hear his voice. Cesar has a message for aspiring young Chicanitos who have a desires to be Mariachis.

Killer show!

My heart feels good with the music I get to share with you! There is also a zombie musical surprise sharing Los Nawdy Dawgs’ new music.