Arizona Rep. Steve Montenegro Protest

“!!Ay de los que dictan leyes injustas, y prescriben tiranía!” —  Isaías 10:1
Phoenix, AZ — We will be protesting Tea Party Republican Steve Montenegro this Sunday (for siding with anti-immigrant Republicans) tomorrow morning at his own Church.  The goal is to inform Montenegro’s own church congregation of his hypocrisy because we believe he preaches one thing to immigrant members of his congregation while doing another at the Arizona state capitol.   We were successful with informing the Mormon community of (now ousted) Sen. Russell Pearce’s Mormon hypocrisy when we protested Pearce at his Mesa Mormon Church.  We educated Mormon leaders in Mesa via a Fireside.  We were also successful in getting Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s attention when we protested him at the Fountain Hills Catholic Church when he an his wife avoided going to church because they were too embarrassed.  As such, it is now time for Montenegro’s congregation to know about his immigrant hypocrisy.  The goal is to raise awareness to those living in his district with an effort to ensure Montenegro will not get re-elected in 2016.  We believe Montenegro cannot serve two masters as he preaches one “high moral”  thing but does another at the Arizona state capitol.
According to the Three Sonorans:
Steve Montenegro is a person everyone in Tucson should know, because he is the main force behind a bill that was just passed that was targeted directed at TUSD. That bill is HB 2281 and Steve Montenegro was the primary sponsor of that horrible bill. Montenegro is also vilified for being a main stooge for Russell Pearce’s SB 1070, and has gone on national TV to defend that bill (video below) that has given Arizona such a negative name in the last two months.”
It is time to revive the Chicano Movement as we show El Salvadorian-American Rep. Montenegro why our community will no longer be complacent with his hyporcisy.