We have always been for reasonable legal immigration reform.  One thing we will not stand for is for someone like Abraham Paulos believing he speaks for the majority of the hurting community.  Indeed the largest community being hurt are those of Mexican descent as most of those deported are Mexicans. That said, we have our very own Carlos Galindo who is a Mexican immigrant — now American voting citizen setting the record straight as he exposes those who have no idea how they harm immigration reform.

Several of us DO NOT want immigrant felons in our nation.  We cannot risk those who kept their noses clean and who did not commit felony crimes, and we do not agree with Abraham Paulos’ ideas.  His “welcome the felons” affects those of Mexican descent, and our indigenous brothers and sisters from El Salvador to Uruguay and/or those who do not benefit from Cuban amnesty.

President Barack Obama has used his executive order authority that affects AMERICAN BORN children and their families …. he did what he could and if these #TeaDREAMers and Abraham Paulos feel so strongly about immigrants who have felony records … then perhaps they should go and beg the GOP for felony forgiveness because they are barking up the wrong tree with Democrats to this regard. The rest of us will support REASONABLE immigration policies.

If you want to know the pulse of immigration, we implore you to tune in to the Carlos Galindo show via http://tunein.com/radio/La-Mejor-FM-1400-s2978/

From the Carlos Galindo show: