Twitter Racism Strikes Again Against Pitbull At The AMAs according to the Huffington Post, however, Chicano and Latino heads turned when Miami native Armando Christian Pérez, who most know as Pitbull, posted a photo with Gov. Rick Scott and gave the Florida Governor a shout out.

Chicanos and Latinos who do not benefit from Cuban amnesty are hell bent on reviving the Chicano movement — particularly when Cuban Republicans have done a decent bang up job on the great Hispanic and Latin experiment.  Cubans make up approximately 3% of the Latin population pie vs. Mexican American Chicanos who make up almost 70% of that same pie, yet we see some of these “Hispanics” such as Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio trying to capitalize in politics off of our population numbers. Both of these senators endorse strict Arizona-style anti-immigration laws even though their families have benefited from Cuban amnesty via the Cuban Adjustment Act.   Chicanos have no choice but to distinguish the difference between Republican endorsing simpletons who have embraced an anti-immigrant / anti-Mexican RNC platform.

While we do not think it is cool to see twitter racism against Pitbull — we also do not think it is cool for Pitbull to give shout outs to Republicans after the RNC adopted an anti-immigrant platform in 2012 that was essentially blessed by Kris Kobach himself.  Perhaps musicians who claim to help the Voto Latino banner ought to watch who they give Republcian shout outs to especially when the shout outs are contrary to 70% of the Latin population pie.

More importantly, it was Gov. Rick Scott who did the following:

Scott vetoed the driver license bill for immigrants.

Supports an anti-immigrant Arizona SB 1070 style law in Florida.