Brave #ChangetheName protestors at today’s game in Indianapolis. 


Members of Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry (EONM) began an event today during the Washington “Redskins” and Indianapolis Colts NFL game that is sparking FCC complaints against the derogatory term “Redskins.”  Here is the link to file an FCC complaint against the offensive and derogatory term:

You can hear the game online here: and it is also heard on FOX network WXIN (Indianapolis). So far Jacqueline Keeler has been diligent with documenting the below times she heard the “R*dskins” obscene word during A.M. Pacific Times.  Keeler is Navajo and Yankton Dakota, and this woman warrior was the first person to file the FCC complaint against this derogatory term.

As a Chicana activist, I take into consideration how the derogatory term of “wetback” is used against us here in Arizona.  I never understood why the bigots refer to the indigenous as “wetbacks” because we are actually  native to this land before genocide and Manifest Destiny.  In fact, we weren’t the ones who came here on the Mayflower boat.  Therefore, we stand in solidarity with our Native American brothers and sisters in an effort for Washington to eradicate the “Redskin” name and we are filing FCC complaints and hope to send reinforcements to our Native fellow men an women.  We implore Xicanos to file an FCC complaint here:


Photo: Please file an FCC complaint against obscene derogatory term "Redskins".    Here is the link:


Here are the times the offensive term “R*dskins” was during during AM Pacific:


10:20 – four times mentioned.


10:24 three times.


10:27 – once in show and once in ad.

10:28 – three times in Subway ad with Rword player, RGIII.

10:28 in show.

10:29 – three times. Also, one skins reference.

10:31 – Skins reference.



10:41 – three times.

10:47 – twice mentioned.


10:54 – Indianapolis leads 14-3.


11:03 “Another Redsk*n down” – used to describe a team member.

11:05 twice for ads for Maryland Lottery and the Washington Post. Once for the show.

11:07 – “21-03 Indy Leads. This is the Redsk*ns Radio network.”
11:09 “Redsk*ns has minus 12 yards.”

11:47 “Larry Michael Voice of the Redsk*ns”