James Cosner activist and Blogger

Spiritually, politically, and scientifically speaking, the nature of disease is that it spreads and proliferates throughout the human body and the human family.
More specifically, capitalism and classism, patriarchy and sexism, white supremacy and racism, colonialism and parasitism, imperialism and conquest, greed and consumption constitute the most deadly diseases in our world today.
Likened to colossal cancers, the aforementioned have intertwined and saturated the very fabric of societies all over and are currently sweeping the earth, affecting people everywhere, inflicting the vast majority of the world’s peoples with profound suffering.
Nevertheless, human beings can be inoculated and immunized from these vastly sweeping diseases.
Education, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, love, respect, resistance, resilience, action, and more highlight the cure to the disease.
More importantly, the divine law of equality underscores the most powerful and potent cure for all the aforementioned diseases.
A mastery and on-going application of the law of equality in its truest form can ultimately end these diseases for ever and ever.