You can definitely hear the influences of Carlos Santana along with Depeche Mode as you listen to Slow Sunrise. The name is rather fitting as you soon discover. Sol Rodriguez, front man for Slow Sunrise has a laid back way of singing. This Song is perfect for a lazy summer day or for some a transportation to a lazy summer day. With lead single off their debut self titled album, Latina Lady. Slow Sunrise blends Salsa and Rock with ease. I can close my eyes and feel the warm sun on my face. The music on this EP is infectious and makes you want to have it on repeat. The video directed and produced as well as staring Cheyann Montiel Reagan, pushes the stereotypes of our generation. Gone are the video vixens replaced with a sweet respectable courtship.

This music video is important to me because it breaks stereotypes of the Latino culture. I was shocked to search “Latina Lady” on Youtube and only see PORN-like videos of young women. I am proud to be the change of character for the YouTube generation to see! My inspiration was a throwback, beach film of the 60′s. I hope you enjoy it! – Cheyann Montiel Reagan

The story of how Slow Sunrise came to be is one of love and loss. After being married to his wife a few short years she was diagnosed with cancer, shortly there after she succumbed to the illness. Sol used his love and passion for music to heal from the loss. Today he is raising their son and making beautiful music.

After being happily married for almost 8 years, my young wife passed away from a rare and aggressive cancer. In the midst of the heartbreak and the responsibilities of being a single father, I was unable to truly commit to the musical project I was working on at the time, Greenleaf Avenue. It was a difficult time for me, to say the least, and I wondered if there was room in my new hectic life for music at all. At one point, I actually hoped and prayed that I could just leave music for good and focus on my son and career…like normal people do. For better or worse, it turns out that it wasn’t mine to decide if music would be in or out of my life. Music chose me, and it wasn’t ready to let go. I simply couldn’t stop longing to play music.

It was time to pick myself up from the boot straps and see where the music would lead me. As is often the case when one is emotionally charged or burdened, I was hit by musical inspiration and release. It was fantastically healing, and I decided to march onward and allow music to remain in my life. However, my responsibilities were heavy and creative time was limited. I knew it would take commitment and determination to push forward, but I pledged to make sure the “sun would rise again”, even though I recognized it would be a “Slow Sunrise”.

Sol Rodriguez