Boulder & Denver SEPTEMBER 12-15, 2014
Uniting diverse communities for a sustainable future highlighting Latinos long time readiness to lead this mission.

The Americas Latino Festival unites diverse communities for a sustainable future and fosters a platform of dialogue and mobilization for a just society that ensures that everyone has access to a stable market, an able-bodied workforce & a healthy environment.

As Colorado readies itself to achieve greater diversity and inclusion, it must ask how it can best dialogue with and contribute to the multiculturalism the region already exemplifies. The Festival is designed to reflect a commitment to an identity that clearly shows Colorado’s capacity to tune in to the nation’s rapid shift in demographics.

Americas Latino Festival is a community building, educational initiative of The Americas for Conservation and the Arts 501 c3, an organization dedicated to fostering dialogue between Latin American and Latino and non-Latino communities in the U.S., using the arts to advance social justice and sustainability.

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