Board President Mónica García
Leading Change in Los Angeles

Thank you Sal Castro, on behalf of all the hundreds of thousands of students who benefited from your life’s work. You taught students to stand up for their rights and that it was beautiful to be Chicano.

Words from Community Leaders

Paula Crisostomo, 1968 Walkout Student Leader

“Sal had a personality and presence that lit up the room, he had this uncanny capability of connecting with young Chicano Latino students. You could have been one in a room of hundreds and he made you feel as if he were speaking directly to you. He had a great sense of humor and he used that humor to engage and educate.”

Dr. Robin Avelar-LaSalle

“We still think our teacher is a rock star! We cannot forget to teach the younger brothers and sisters coming up about Mr. Castro and the Chicano movement and struggles that we had and still fight for today.”

Justice Carlos Moreno

“Sal was a great man, a true force of nature, a man on a mission. His mission was to always improve the educational opportunities for Chicano students, beginning with his early days as a playground director to going to college himself and becoming one of the greatest teachers in history. He really is a true vindication and social icon, not just for Latinos in Los Angeles and California, but really a national hero.”

Maria Elena Yepes, Director, East Los Angeles Community College

“Sal Castro awakened the consciousness of many Chicanos and Chicanas. His legacy lives on in those who believe it and continue to fight for educational justice. We owe Sal an incredible debt of gratitude. Que viva Sal Castro!”

Congressman Esteban E. Torres (Ret.)

“I was impressed from the first time I met him in 1968. As a Garfield High School graduate, I supported Sal. It’s a proud moment for me to be here today with his family, followers, and students. This is a part of history.”

Dr. Carlos Haro

“He is the major reformer in education of our era, he really touched a generation– the Chicano generations of the 60’s and 70’s. He helped us establish an identity and motivated us to continue our education and to become professionals. It was a creation of a new class, never seen before in the Mexican-American community. We have to continue the struggle, he lived the life of struggle and it was all with the intention of serving his community, especially the young people who lived and attended the schools he fought for.”

Dr. Daniel Solorzano

“His commitment to the Latino community, especially on issues of educational equity and leadership, are the issues that will stand the test of time. He will be remembered for his legacy and the many leaders he helped develop, frame, encourage, and support. He is an amazing person.”