WEST COAST EASTSIDE SOUND "The Eddie Davis Story"<br />
Producer: Hector Geree Gonzalez<br />
Director: Jimmy Velarde” width=”403″ height=”403″ />

In 1994, Hector Gonzalez became the heir to the Eddie Davis Recording and Publishing Estate, The Rampart Record Group and The Faro Music Publishing Group (a division of Gordo Enterprises). He relinquished his position at CBS Television City to administer these companies and license a vast music catalog dating back to 1958 for CD compilations, film and television. Since 1960, Rampart Records has been devoted almost exclusively to the development of Mexican American Talent known on the West Coast as “The Eastside Sound.”


Eddie Davis was a child actor and successful restaurateur and is quoted as saying, “If anybody thinks I got rich over my East Los Angeles music, they’re wrong. I cooked a lot of hamburgers to make those records.” Rampart Records contributed to what is known as the Eastside Sound music and

Eddie Davis (circa 1958) Parkway Grill Restaurant, HollywoodEddie Davis (circa 1958) Parkway Grill Restaurant, Hollywood included such bands as Cannibal and the Headhunters, which opened for the Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1965. Multicultural bands such as the Mixtures, and the Blendells were given recording opportunities by Rampart Records.

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