BY Dee Dee Garcia Blase
Viva Samuel Ramirez is active with the Mexican-American community in Arizona. He is also the Arizona field director with Voto Latino.

Here is what he says about the immigration speech President Obama gave in Las Vegas, Nevada, yesterday:

POTUS speaks some REAL TRUTH to the people in Nevada yesterday:

“…It’s really important for us to remember our history. Unless you’re one of the first Americans , a native American, you came from someplace else…somebody brought you. You know, Ken Salazar- he’s of Mexican American descent, but he points out that his family has been living where he lives for 400 years… so he didn’t emigrate anywhere.”

The POTUS ‘s symbolic speech in former ‘OLD MEXICO’ territory delivers an invitation to the nation to redefine the way we think of immigrants and exactly who they are. This is a rare example of a politician at the highest level, demonstrating bravery and honesty as he recognizes the heritage of the people who inhabit this great nation. He did it with pride, without reluctance, and as a matter of fact – the way I would have done it.

This statement will do a lot to deflate the negative connotation in the word IMMIGRANT which haters have used for so long to degrade everyone who is different than they are. While I can’t say that my sentiment extends to the entirety of his speech, I was unexpectedly impressed with the words I quoted above. I realize that it may not have even registered to the masses looking on across the county, but to this Mexican American…it was A TODA MADRE!!!!