Finally! The KANSAS COMPACT efforts by non-partisan and Latina-led

political movement is penetrating the Heart of America in Kansas! The Tequila Party has headquarters in Arizona (immigration ground zero) and we are fighting Tea Party extremism.

The KANSAS COMPACT and the COMPACT WITH AMERICA needs support from all sides of the political spectrum and support cannot come from just one political aisle. The Tequila Party Movement consists of Independents, Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarian voters and it is going to take all efforts from all sides to set this nation back on a course that remembers our immigrant history. Immigrants have made this nation great.

We want to congratulate Kansas Rep. Louis Ruiz for introducing this bill and for his leadership. We felt this was necessary when Kansas Rep. Virgil Peck made the violent remark when he advocated the shooting of immigrants like hogs. We hope to see a positive outcome from a horrible black eye Virgil Peck left Kansas with.

As you know might already know, the Tequila Party is a counter movement to the extremist Tea Party Movement. The Tequila Party Movement is a group that motivates Latinos to get out and vote and vote for pro immigrant politicians. We need the Kansas Compact to be passed since Kris Kobach (also advises anti-immigrant 2012 Republican Presidential candidate — Mitt Romney) is the architect behind many anti-DREAM Act, anti-immigrant laws, and his attacks on our 14th amendment via birthright citizenship laws. Kris Kobach has ties to white nationalist and anti-semitic John Tanton.