by Joe Ortiz

Hey Kids! Check out this article on Huffington Post concerning an interview with Dr. Rudy Acuna concerning the truncated effort by ‘politicos’ to disband Chicano Studies in schools.

Those who are pursuing this effort use the old “Unpatriotic ” and “Not Educationally Relevant to Success” charges to substantiate their claims; however, EVIDENCE proves otherwise.

Many on the Internet dare accuse me of being unpatriotic because I point out the social and economic inequities of our nation, failing (or unwilling) to recognize it is one of the most “patriotic” duties we have been commanded in our Constitution. They accuse me of solely advocating Mexicans above Americans, not recognizing that mine is a mandate from God to speak up for the poor

The part that troubles my heart more than anything else about the “unpatriotic” charge is America’s failure to remember the commitment that Mexican Americans have made to this country, especially in the battlefield. Did you know that Mexican Americans were the highest decorated group in the 2nd World War? And now, there is an effort going on to ship back to Mexico military veterans (who were promised citizenship if they joined the military) who fought in Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and still in Aphganistan?

The Ortiz Family (the largest family in my hometown) will gather for its 50th family reunion on October 22-23. This year’s theme is “Honoring Family Members Who Served in the Military.” I’m proud to be one of many among them!

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends, (John 15:13).