Music inspired by the Marches of 2006

We are grateful to everyone throughout the country that helped us at CRN become their communication center during the marches. This allowed us to communicate to various staging locations and ensuring a safe and peaceful result. This demonstration should serve to all our Latino communities as an example of how we as a community can change injustice. Together we can accomplish anything!

CRN is compiling music inspired by the peaceful marches and walkouts during the controversial HR 4437, as well as other inspirational songs for the times.

Tu amigos,


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Delivered in a combination of the English and Gujarati languages with English subtitles, Blood Brothers illustrates the toughest decision for an immigrant: whether to remain in the home country out of a sense of duty, or to seek a better life elsewhere.
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"Huelga" by QUINAZO

"El primero de mayo" by Los Alacranes

"Marcha" by Malverde

"La Gloria de America" by Veronica Lopez

"Wake up everybody" by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

"Walkout" by Payaso

"La Calles de Los Angeles" by Mal Hablado Feat. Abusivo

"Give me a reason" by Code Red

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