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CRNLive now available 24/7 on Mixlr

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Mormons/LDS/FLDS want to pass bill requiring for everyone to go to Church.

Tweet Now let’s see, I’ve been on Facebook since 2009. From the beginning I have been against the Mormon/FLDS/LDS for profit and deviance because of what they do and have done to the state or Arizona. I’ve said time and time again that they believe that church and state are one of the same. I […]

Democratic Caucus Of Arizona Senate Begins New Year On Right Foot

Tweet All signatures obtained by January 7, 2014.     Remember when certain Democrats were in support of a recall against Chicana law maker (D) Catherine Miranda? As of January 7, 2015, a final signature was obtained with regard to a letter addressed to the Arizona community regarding Arizona Democratic Sen. Catherine Miranda. Let it […]

Arpaio Lawsuit Against Obama Really About Wanting Secure Communities Program And Continued Racial Profiling & Immigrant Women Domestic Violence Abuse

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 22, 2014 Posted by Somos Independents     Arizonans to Arpaio:  Lawsuit Against Obama Really About Wanting Secure Communities Program And Continued Racial Profiling and Immigrant Women Domestic Violence Abuse        Paola Eden Delagado Polanco was a young thriving girl and full of life, with charming simplicity and […]

Get Ready Lowrider Owners To Cruise To The Polls Election Day 2014 To Demonstrate Chicano Uprising

Tweet Attention Lowrider Owners: This Tuesday, November 4, 2014, is Election Day.  We are giving lowriders a reason to take your lowrider on a cruise tomorrow for an important causa! When you take your ride to the voting booths, don’t forget to take a selfie in your lowrider and hashtag #ChicanoPower on Facebook and/or Twitter!  […]

Why is Citizens For Better Arizona Randy Parraz Listed As An Arizona Workman’s Comp Attorney When Arizona Bar Assoc. Does Not Recognize Him?

Tweet It’s always a good idea to double check with your State Bar Association to verify an attorney’s credentials. Citizens for Better Arizona (CBA) (an operation run by the likes of Randy Parraz and Chad Snow) has come under tremendous fire recently from the Carlos Galindo show.  Outside media is unaware of the many Chicanos […]

Chicanos and Latinos Will Not Forget Rep. Krysten Sinema Throwing Them Under The Bus During CD9 Race

Tweet Arizona Democratic Party Dirty Halloween Trick Could Backfire on Rep. Kyrsten Sinema Running Against Wendy Rogers / Powell Gammill Posted by Somos Independents   Recently, the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP) launched a dirty trick in time for Halloween that comes with no treat for Libertarian voters.  The ADP strategy could have worked a couple […]

Arizona Independent Voters Want Moderate Governor To Balance Republican-led Legislature

Tweet   Posted by Somos Independents   “…At both ends of the road, To the left and the right…”  — George Harrison   Key swing independent voters are now the largest voting bloc in Arizona surpassing Republican voters.  Arizonans have watched the current Republican Governor Jan Brewer embrace disastrous economic restrictionism and isolationism that counter […]

Robert Rodriguez: “Dumb advice for people to say stay home and not vote.”

Tweet Robert Rodriguez: “Dumb advice for people to say stay home and not vote.”  By DeeDee Garcia Blase I had a quick opportunity to interview Robert Rodriguez on the red carpet at the ALMA awards 2014 with regard to November 4, 2014, Election Day.  I was amazed he had already heard of some of the […]

Ariel Winter (Future Millennial Voter) On Importance of Latino Vote

Tweet Ariel Winter played in the movie Dora The Explorer, and the Chicano Radio Network asked her if she believed the Latino Vote was important.  Ariel Winter said the Latino Vote was very important and has gone with her parents to vote at the voting booth.  Ariel is a future millennial voter, and we are […]