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Chicanos Give Erika Andiola Un “Chanclaso” For Naive Ideas Regarding the Vote!

Tweet Chicanos have had it with DREAMers who are being manipulated by the Republican anti-immigrant Tea Party people — and it is time to clean house.  We refuse to entertain the ideas Erika Andiola is peddling.  For the record, Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas are part of the FOR PROFIT DRM Action organization.  They ask […]

Robert Rodriguez: “Dumb advice for people to say stay home and not vote.”

Tweet Robert Rodriguez: “Dumb advice for people to say stay home and not vote.”  By DeeDee Garcia Blase I had a quick opportunity to interview Robert Rodriguez on the red carpet at the ALMA awards 2014 with regard to November 4, 2014, Election Day.  I was amazed he had already heard of some of the […]

Chicano Radio Network Interview of Eva Longoria On Importance of Latino Vote / Immigration Reform

Tweet By DeeDee Garcia Blase Unfortunately there have been DREAM Act activists who were hijacked by the Tea Party (we call these folks “Tea DREAMers” who have entertained an unAmerican idea to boycott the vote.   However, thankfully, American entertainers countered the unAmerican idea at the ALMA awards in Pasadena. Here is what the lovely […]

Chicano Vote Cartoon by Viva Samuel Ramirez

Tweet Chicanos and American Latino Voters will VOTE despite the “Tea” DREAMers who are advocating for a boycott of the vote.  These TeaDREAMers have not been transparent when they did not reveal they were working for and with Tea Party Republicans.    

Pass the DREAM Act before November 2012 elections!

Tweet “We must also decide the fate of those children here through no fault of their own and for whom America is the only home they know. Our federal leaders have tried and failed to find a solution. They should set aside political considerations and try to make this right for our country. I am […]

The Kansas Compact finally gets introduced by Rep. Louis Ruiz with Tequila Party Movement Support

Tweet Finally! The KANSAS COMPACT efforts by non-partisan and Latina-led political movement is penetrating the Heart of America in Kansas! The Tequila Party has headquarters in Arizona (immigration ground zero) and we are fighting Tea Party extremism. The KANSAS COMPACT and the COMPACT WITH AMERICA needs support from all sides of the political spectrum and […]